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Please Acknowledge, Read, & Register Here to Shop - LIVE Shopping Policy

Step 1: 1st Time Shopper
🚨 All Sales Are Final, No Refund, No Exchanges, Claim Responsibly
🚨 Mystery Shopper Number Will Be Issued after your 1st Purchase
🚨 Register Below, & Purchase your LIVE Shopping Bag ($50 Deposit)
🚨 Send a DM (Direct Message) through FB after Registering & Purchasing Your Shopping Bag
🚨 Follow the Page & Set Your Alert
🚨 Like 👍 or Heart 💜 the LIVE
🚨 Share the LIVE on your page, in your groups, with your Friends/Family
🚨 Comment #Liked #Shared #Ready2Shop with your Mystery Shopper Number
🚨 Drop your Mystery Shopper # During the LIVE Show

Step 2: Ready To Claim
🚨 All Items Will Be Presented & Shown in Detail, Inside & Out
🚨 Enter Item # and SOLD in the comment field, Screenshot the item and DM it to us
🚨 No Claiming, Holding, then Swapping
🚨 If you Claim and Cancel, Your Shopping Ability will be Revoked
🚨 We Invoice Through PayPal at the end of the LIVE Session; Payment is due Upon Receipt
🚨 The Picture(s) of your item(s) must be forwarded by DM to receive Invoice for Purchase
🚨 All Sales Are Final, No Refund, No Exchanges, Claim Responsibly
🚨 By Paying Your Invoice, You Confirm It is Accurate.
🚨 If you Do Not Pay Your Invoice; It Will Be Canceled & You Will Be Blocked
🚨 7% Sales Tax will be added
🚨 3% Service Fee will be added
🚨 $16 Flat Rate Shipping Fee will be included
🚨 FREE Shipping on Regular Priced Items totaling $300 & Greater!
🚨 If your items are Discounted, you Do Not qualify for FREE Shipping!

Step 3: Shipping
🚨 We Ship USPS Priority Mail 1 - 3 Days to the address that is attached to the card that you use to make your purchase; We Do Not Key Addresses; Ensure your address is verified before you make your payment.
🚨 If you want your package shipped to a different address, it must be provided before invoice is created
🚨 Tracking # will be forwarded within 24-48 Hrs of Payment
🚨 We Ship within 48 Hrs of Payment
🚨 Signature Receipt is Included
🚨 Confirm Shipment
🚨 Write A Review of your Shopping Experience with us to be Entered in our Monthly Pull
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