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The Loc Doctor
of Jacksonville
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A Multi-Cultural Salon & Training Center
"Your #1 Resource for Natural Hair Care & Loc Training, Products & Services"
Listed Below you will find Certified Affiliates:
​Hair Braiders, Hair Wrapping, and Body Wrapping

​​The individuals have passed JTBS NaturaLoc Training Center’s Certification Test as REQUIRED by FL Department of Business & Professional Regulations. 

Find JTBS LICENSED Affiliates!
MASTER Affiliate
Master Affiliates have completed JTBS NaturaLoc System Training, pass the “Training Center Skills Assessment” test, and have attended JTBS hands-on Mastery Training Seminar.

Pearl's House of Beauty
Mz Jada Battle
Phone: (904) 270-9148
CERTIFIED Affiliates
Certified Affiliates have completed either a 16 Hrs. Hair Braider, 6 Hrs. Hair Wrapping, and/or a 12 Hrs. Body Wrapping course, and passed the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations Test as required for Licensing.





Basic Affiliates
 Basic Affiliates have attended one or more of JTBS Hands-On Skilled C​​​ourses:
DreadLock Bootcamp, Training Day Seminar, 1-On-1 Workshop.
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* Michelle GilbertLoctician
​   YAMS of Daytona
(386) 334-6270​

   Palm Coast, FL​
   6 Hrs. DreadLocks Bootcamp​
* Tanisha - Natural Hair Stylist
​   Royalty Dreads by Mz Tanisha
   (407) 692-1213
   Orlando, FL​​

Hrs. DreadLocks Bootcamp
* Sherria Gadseden - Cosmetologist
   New Creations Beauty & Barber​​
 ​(904) 210-2345

   Jacksonvlle, FL​
   6 Hrs. ​DreadLocks Bootcamp
Jecolia Aurelien
   DreadLock Extensions
   Straight Hair Dreadlocks ​​​

Jada Harris
   Natural DreadLocks

​​Tanja Moore
   Natural DreadLocks

Alona Holmes
   Advanced Hair Braiding                              
   Natural DreadLocks

Tiffanie Lee-Green
   Natural DreadLocks​​​
* Samantha Gilchrist - Natural Hair Stylist
(321) 420-3372
   Sanford, Florida​​​  ​​
​   Basic Hair Braiding
   Advanced Hair Braiding
Amber Brown - Hair Braider
Studio Bride Artistry
Jacksonville, FL​
(904) 887-7217​​​
Paige Smith - Hair Braider
Studio Bride Artistry
Jacksonville, FL​
(937) 684-3541​​​
Amavil L Agboyibor
Hair Braider​​
Jax, FL

Cynthia James
Hair Braider/ Hair Wrapping​​
Jax, FL

Patricia Lowe
Hair Braider​
Jax, FL

Maria Shackleford
Hair Braider / Hair Wrapping​
Jax, FL​​​​​​​​​​

Martha Ayuel
Hair Braider / Hair Wrapping​
Jax, FL

​​Yolanda King

Hair Braider
Jax, FL

Deviene Scott
Hair Braider / Hair Wrapping​
Jax, FL

D'Atria Sykes
Hair Braider​
Jax, FL​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Dora Williams (GA - FL Mobile Stylist)
WE'Z Braiding Stylz & Loc House​
Membership - INACTIVE
Insufficient Training!​
​Brandi (MzB') (GA)
Braids & Natural Styles​
Membership - INACTIVE
ALABAMA                     |                  GEORGIA            
Mz Eunice - UK Cosmetologist
Hair Braider / Hair Wrapping
Jax, FL​​

Chelle The Loctician
Hair Braider / Hair Wrapping
Jax, FL​

Meka The Loctician
Hair Braider / Hair Wrapping​​​​
Jax, FL​
Fetish Stylez (AL)
Reservation Stylez​
(904) 270-9148
Michelle Gilbert
Hair Braider / Hair Wrapping
Palm Coast, FL​​

(386) 334-6270​
* LaTryna Brown- Cosmetologist
 (941) ​296-4162
   Sarasota, FL
   6 Hrs. DreadLocks Bootcamp​​​
*  Mz Brianna- Cosmetologist
    Chicago, IL​
    ​3-Tier DreadLocks
Ashiya Prince
Hair Braider / Hair Wrapping
Jax, FL​​

Business Affiliates are Licensed Professionals that live and travel throughout the US, Africa, Bahamas, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Thomas, Trinidad, UK, and Virgin Island.

* Business Affiliates are Stylists Accepting Referrals​ & Are Listed Above.
​* Premium Accounts features the Business Affiliate's Webpage that includes:
   ​Pictures of their work and their Contact Information.
* Client Browse the different Business Affiliate's Webpage.
* Client Book The Affiliate Stylist for a New Client Consultation based Upon Rating​
* Client Rate The Stylist's Service (1 Star, 2 Stars, 3 Stars, 4 Stars, 5 Stars)​​ within 24
    ​Hrs. to receive a 10% Off Next Service Offer

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* Mary Nowell, CEO
Mizzez Mary Natural Hair Care
#CALL US AT: 904-290-2597