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Hair Braiding Workshop: Cornrows, Plaits, Twists

Class Duration: 1 Day (3 Hours)   Class Cost: $175
Requirement for : 13 Years of Age - No License Requested

Certificate of Attendance:  Natural Hair Braiding Certificate

Class Duration: 2 Days (16 Hours)  Cost Cost: $375

Requirement for State Board License: 16 Years of Age

Certificate of Attendance: 16 Hrs. Hair Braiding Certificate for Licensing & Advanced Hair Braiding Certificate

You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about braids; how to create and maintain natural braids with extensions.

A model (you must bring) can be provided for braiding services, giving you hands on training. We will teach you how to create natural looking braids. You will also learn how to provide maintenance techniques for your natural clients. We will also cover:

• Hair sectioning, and re-sectioning techniques
• Placement, sections and sizing, for perfect braid creation
• Education on after care and maintenance

* You MUST bring an afro kinky hair or straight hair mannequin with at least 6 inches.

* Available for purchase (Must Pre-Order): Basic Tool Kit - $25;
* Afro Kinky Mannequin - $65; Straight Hair Mannequin - $50

DreadLock Wrapping Course
Great for stylist wanting to learn braids and dreadlocks wrapping to work at expos, festivals, flea markets, or for personal use.

Included in the course:
How to make a hair wrap on a dreadlock using embroidery floss/thread
How to make a hair wrap on a dreadlock using fibers - synthetic, yarn
How to make and install a detachable hair wrap
How to add accessories

YOU WILL NEED: Some embroidery floss – at least 4 colors, plus some hair to practice on.  Hair can be a mannequin, a friend, mom, dad, neighbor.  Beads and shells are optional.

Class Duration: 1 Day (3 hrs.)
Cost: $200

NaturaLoc Tool Kit - $45

Practicing Mannequin - $35

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