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This course is designed for those that:

* ​​were originally in school, but did not finish.
* knows the trade but need a license.
* want to be a licensed professional.
* want to earn an Income for service.​​​​​​

16 Hours Hair Braider Course via Online

​​JTBS NaturaLoc Academy makes the process of getting licensed simple by allowing the course to be completed via online classroom at your own pace instead of a classroom setting.

​​​This course is designed to provide 16-hours of theory instructions for those who wish to provide hair braiding services without extensions in the state of Florida, as required to become certified by the FL Dept. of Business & Professional Regulations.

5 Hours: HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases.
5 Hours: Sanitation and Sterilization.
4 Hours: Disorders and Diseases of the scalp.
2 Hours: Laws and rules of the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which affect the governing practices of hair braider.

​​The online course is designed to be easy to access, simple to read, and rewarding to master.  When you complete the program you will be able to take the course(s) exam and get your results instantly via online.

What's Included?
✔6 Hrs. Hair Wrapping Registration (needed to perform faux locks).
​✔PDF Reference Materials: Course Curriculum
✔Link To Access Course Assessment(s)
✔Email Link to Access Certificate of Completion
✔Email Link to Submit Application, Electronic Certificate of Completion, & $25 Fee Online
​✔Basic JTBS NTC Affilliate Network Membership

Completion: You will have 30 days to complete this course once you register.   Receive your Certificate in 24 hrs or 30 Days.  Finish at your own pace.

Assessment: Must be successfully completed prior to receiving the certificate of completion.

Step 1)  Pre-Register for the FL 16-Hour Hair Braiding Course Online.

Step 2)  Click Here to Book A Free Phone Consultation Online.

We will send you via: email a PDF file within 72 Hrs of purchase following your Free Phone Consultation.
Please note: You are required to book a Free Phone Consultation before the course materials will be sent.

Step 3) To begin the course open the course pdf file attached to your email. When the course pdf opens read each of the sections carefully. After you have covered all sections of the course material and you understand the course information you can begin the online quiz which has been emailed to you along with the course pdf file.

Florida law permits continuing education to be "Open Book" meaning you are permitted by law to review the post course exam as you work through the course sections.

To complete this course in the least amount of time we suggest the following:
  • open the course assessment
  • review the assessment before you begin reading the course material
  • answer the assessment questions as you read the training material by selecting your answer. 
Step 4)Take the Quiz. If you do not pass the online quiz you can repeat the quiz without any additional charge. YOU NEED A MINIMUM OF A 75% SCORE TO PASS THE ONLINE EXAM.

Once you pass your exam, we will email you an electronic certificate of completion for the course within 24 Hrs. of Completion.. That certificate is what you need to apply for a hair braider license through the state of Florida. The course certificate must be included with your application for a hair braider registration that you will complete and send to the Florida Department Of Business & Professional Regulations along with the required $25 Registration fee.

Step 5) Access the link that is included in the email to open the hair braider application on the web site.  You can submit your application, attach your electronic certificate, and the required fee immediately (online).

Once the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations  receive your Application, Registration, and Certificate of Completion to Apply for your Hair Braider License, via: Online Application or Mail In A Paper Application...

You  should receive your License approved by the FL Board of Cosmetology from the FL DBPR within 4 weeks.