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JT cater to all phases of hair to promote healthy hair. She specialize in braids, dreadlocks, natural hair care, relaxed or processed hair, and transitioning hair for children, women, and men of all nationalities, and textures of hair; Lock Creation, MicroRootz Locs tm, Starter DreadLocks, Interlocking, DreadLock Extensions, Backcombing, Crochet; Hair Replacement & Removal; Tammy Taylor Nail Care; Eye Lash Extensions, Eye Brow Shaping & Waxing, & so much more.
JT's Beauty Shop is owned & operated by JT.  JT has over 15 years of  experience in the cultivation and grooming of natural hair, processed hair, nail care, & skin care. To ensure QUALITY service, she continue to further her education and knowledge by attending Continuing Education Classes, and Hair, Nails, Skin & Fashion Shows.
JT is from the Peach State which began the birth of her creativity, passion and joy for bringing out the Natural Beauty from within.  GA has a known reputation for producing the highest quality fruit.
JT is based out of Jacksonville, FL and Atlanta, GA. Though she travels regularly to other locations, her focus does not change.  JT is very meticulous about the services she provides. She is best described as "The Loc Doctor" - A Loc Perfectionist that specializes in DreadLoc Restoration through Loc Rehabilitation.

Being an educator in the Natural Hair Care Industry, she is booked to speak and teach at various schools, salons, barbershops, day spas, and private groups of professional stylists.

From CEOs to NFL players, JT has serviced hundreds of heads. However, to her, all of her clients are NaturaLoc celebrities and are treated as such. It is her endeavor to educate each client on keeping their hair healthy.
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Bronner Bros Hair Show
Celebrity Stylist
Derek J.
Servicing FL & GA​
She expresses the philosophy that beauty is best enhanced by creating a state of physical & emotional well-being.  Get beautirized with a range of services including a total transformation.
​Service Hours:

​​Salon hours are available by appointment only.

​​No walk ins please.

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Signature Natural Hair Salon
Happy 6 Years Anniversary!
February 9, 2008 - February 9, 2014
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We have remained grounded in one thing, EDUCATION.  As we continue to grow and experience success in natural hair care, natural hair product development, skin care, and creating innovative, fashion-forward dreadlocks, our focus has never changed. We are committed to creating healthy hair and tighter firmer skin for real people, creating collections that turn heads, motivate, and advanced educational programs that cultivate your passion for natural hair Care & locs, and skin contouring body wrapping...

Our ultimate goal is to give our fellow stylist insight into the possibilities of this natural hair and skin care industry and help them to build their own distinct path to reach that next level in their career. JTBS offers training that opens your eyes to the limitless opportunities in natural hair care & locs and skin contour body wrapping.  Come to "Training Day"  or attend a Dreadlock Bootcamp with the Loc Doctor of Jacksonville!  Sign Up Today
JT's Beauty Shop
"#1 Choice for BraidsNatural Hair Care & Locs, Styles & TRAINING!"
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Get Certified by the Best in the Industry for ALL textures of hair!
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Mz Dora, JTBS Affiliate Stylist​
Servicing GA & FL​

Hair Braider / Product Creator / Sister of Soul Musician
Braids, Cornrows, Kinky Twist, Locs, Micro Braids, Plaits, Sew-Ins, Wig Creation, Flavored Lip Gloss
Mz Brandi, ​Assist Salon Manager
JTBS Georgia Headquarters
Beauty & Retail Consultant
Natural Hair Stylist
Specialties:  Designer Braids, Cornrows, Kid's Braids, ​​Updos
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Training Day ONLY $100!!! ~ Dreadlock Bootcamp is ONLY $399  Sign Up Now ~ Click HERE
16 Hours Hair Braider
Regular Price: $330
Sale Price: $300​​​
6 Hours Hair Wrapping
Regular Price:  $230​
Sale Price:  $200​​
12 Hours Body Wrapping
Regular Price:  $300
Sale Price:  $270​
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DreadLock Bootcamp
Regular Price:  $450
Sale Price:  $399

Mz Tori, JTBS Affiliate Stylist
Servicing Florida
Braids, Cornrows, Quick Weaves, Kinky Twist, M​​icro Braids, Plaits, 2-Strand Twist, Sew-Ins, Dred ReTwist, Natural Styling, Updos, Lashes, Eyebrows
HIRING ~ Seeking Affiliate Stylist(s) in your Area
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Please note:  Affiliate Stylist are Independent Contractors that DO NOT work for JT's Beauty Shop!!!
Hair Braider / Hair Wrapping Graduates:  
Dora Williams
Yolanda King 
Patricia Lowe
​Shynece Brown
Maria Shackleford
D'Atria Sykes
Natural Dreadlocks Workshop Attendees:
Justin Bennett
​Tanja Moore​r
​Jada Harris
Markin Barnes​

Monique Taylor
Dreadlock Extension Workshop Attendees:
Amy Stevenson
Terri Jenkins​​
​Jecolia Aurelien
Training Day Seminar Attendees:
Rena Gordon
​Monica Sims
Tanja Copeland​
Tiffany Lee-Green​
​Dora Williams
Carrie Thomas
Michelle Brown
Nyla Jones
Stacey Russel​​​
Tyrese Franklin​
Shakeria Ponder
Lynn Taylor
Patrice Walton